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OPEC should know better

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Pasted the article I am referencing.


OPEC thinks oil demand will grow until 2040. I would agree with them except for this thing called coronavirus.

Oil demand normally would grow as developing countries develop and population grows, but what happens when world population begins to decline?

Oil demand could very likely continue to stagnate and premenantly decline but it wont be because of renewables.

It will be because of a collapse in the world population.

Because of lockdowns and economic  suicide that countries are pursuing. 

Oil to be replaced by nothing.

Birth rate falling off a cliff. Populations getting older. The world could be on the verge of a mass die off in the billions. 

Not from Corona virus. From what governments did in response to it. And what they are planning to do. 

We are just starting the mass cull. 

Oil demand will fall as less people consume it, and less of it as populations plunge into poverty. 

This looks like the most likely scenario.

Unless the world does a U turn politically and fast. Things will get really really bad. 

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