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How Rosmah Has Made Imelda Look Like A Cheapskate Amateur...

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Taking a quick break from my usual oil & gas blatherings, to point out a bit of what has been going on here in Malaysia.

The amount of loot is mind boggling.

A lot of this loot appears to be from money siphoned from oil money, among other sources. 

Google  PetroSaudi 1MDB.

How Rosmah Has Made Imelda Look Like A Cheapskate Amateur...

"When crowds stormed the Marcos residence back in 1986 the rampagers famously discovered no less than 2,700 pairs of fancy shoes. The extravagance and fettish of such a collection astounded the world and people reckoned it may have cost…. perhaps half a million dollars.

In Malaysia things have been done altogether differently.  There has been an orderly transfer of power and overnight it was the police who quietly extracted lorryloads of stolen loot from various residences connected to Rosmah and Najib.

However, what may have lacked in action drama was surely made up for in scale and suspense as Malaysians were able to watch the removals live on their computers, as no less than 5 whopping vans were filled with cash, jewellery and luxury goods from the Pavillion residence in Central KL.

Reporters, although held at bay behind cordons, were none the less able to count the tranportation of 72 bags of cash and gems and no less than 284 distinctive Hermes orange handbag boxes. ..."

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