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An abstract from a few articles on how to prevent coronavirus

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A few articles on how to prevent coronavirus - the essence of these articles because they were a bit longer.Mostly they come from the scientific section of the best Russian Kommersant newspaper. If someone does not like the source, he or she may not read any more, however, the essence of a few articles, and I will mention, these are mostly articles based on either American or German research so I find it interesting enough so it would be good if people took advantage of it, taking into account that, of course,not being a doctor myself, I spent really long hours surfing on the web on how to possibly prevent coronavirus infection.

So firstly I recommend an english site with list of anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory foods
Generally speaking fish, some vegetables and fruits are generally anti-inflammatory.

Mostly highly processed products and ordinary meat are proinflammatory

List of pro and anti-inflammatory products


In addition whats most important you should use mainly vitamin D3 in large amounts, zinc preferably in the form of chewable tablets, vitamin C, melatonin (they treated Trump with this) and the popular echinacea.

Now we keep going on what I found in the world press in last 2 months  about the coronavirus

Sage and perilla teas allegedly have strong antiviral effects that may suppress the activity of the new coronavirus. This was reported by referring to a study by a group of scientists at the Institute of Virology at the University Hospital of Essen (Germany),
Virologists incubated COVID-19 infected cells with herbal teas of sage, perilla, and coriander. It should be noted that when preparing them, they first brought the drinks to a boil and then served them for two hours at a water temperature of 60 degrees to ensure maximum saturation with herbal ingredients.
In the course of the study, the researchers concluded that even a short-term consumption of perilla and sage is sufficient to significantly inhibit the reproduction of coronavirus infection - a result observed after half an hour of cell processing. In addition, virologists noted that the therapeutic effect is not achieved due to the general antiviral effect, since the same decoctions did not show a similar effect on the herpes simplex virus.
Experts have concluded that such teas can be used to prevent COVID-19, but this information has not yet been evaluated by other specialists.
A person with COVID-19 must consume honey and black cumin as often as possible, as these are products that will help fight the disease. Kommersant writes about it in reference to the study on the medRxiv portal. The study was conducted by international experts who organized it with patients with moderate to severe coronavirus. Some people received one gram of honey and 80 milligrams of black seeds per kilogram of body weight each day, and the other half received a placebo. The study confirmed that ingestion of the two foods resulted in three and seven days of symptom relief for moderate and severe symptoms, respectively, and also helped clear the virus from the body an average of four days earlier than the control group. "Consuming the combination of honey and black cumin had no side effects and it can be used alone or in combination with other treatments for the coronavirus," experts noted.

I will only mention that the study was conducted in Pakistan, which generally rightly raises suspicions, but my brother got acquainted with the assumptions - large research group, 4 months of the experiment, research group and placeobo group. Overall, the survey in Pakistan seems to be OK.
Cardiovascular disease can significantly increase your risk of dying from coronavirus infection. This was reported by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", citing the chief cardiologist of the Ministry of Health, Sergei Boytsov. Speaking at the National Congress of Doctors, the doctor said that "they (heart disease - ed.) Increase the likelihood of complications after COVID-19 in patients whose hospitalization rate increases 6 times, and mortality among them is increasing - according to the latest data - 12 times ".

- here I would like to point out that there were voices in western reasearch  about the beneficial effects of cardological aspirin in patients with such cardiological problems, i.e. in Poland, probably mainly polocard. I dont know its name in US but you probably know it better.With the fact that polocard has a specific assumption as to its use and in other articles you can read that, in turn, cardiological aspirin is not used by all interested parties, and only those who have cardiological problems because  it may be at risk of blood thinning and hemorrhages
 German scientists from the Institute of Molecular Virology of the University of Ulm Medical Center have discovered a natural product that fights up to 97% of the coronavirus in the body.
The researchers published their work on this topic in the journal bioRxiv.
According to experts, chokeberry juice suppresses the activity of the virus in the human body in the best way. Their research also found that pomegranate juice can destroy up to 80% of coronavirus pathogens. Other natural juices and green tea are also able to reduce the disease because they have an acidic environment and plant polyphenols that negatively affect the virus.

People with allergic diseases are less likely to develop COVID-19. This was reported by RIA Novosti allergologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, head of the allergology department of the clinic "Federal Center for Nutrition Research and Biotechnology" Vera Revyakina. The specialist noted that allergy patients are less likely to be infected with COVID-19 because they have a prescription device in this way. Patients of the Regional Clinical Hospital in Kaliningrad It turned out that who is more difficult than others to tolerate the coronavirus Recall that in October the allergist-immunologist Alla Ryzhikh mentioned that people with allergies are less susceptible to viral and oncological diseases, because there are so many in their bodies so called immunoglobulin E (IgE).
A person who has a latent coronavirus infection can infect others if close contact lasts more than three minutes. This was written in the publication "Argumenty i facts", citing a comment by the chief physician of the clinic "Medicine Leader", candidate of medical sciences Yevgeny Timakov. The expert believes that "if the close contact with such a patient in a latent form lasted more than three minutes, it can also become a source of infection." He stressed that a person infected with the coronavirus is able to expel the virus through close contact two days before the first symptoms appear. If we are talking about a handshake, the risk of infection by contact is much lower than with airborne droplets. Timakov warned that after shaking hands, do not touch your face with your hands, then infection can be avoided. He noted that if someone sneezes or coughs next to you, then the risk of infection increases not only with close contact, because when sneezing without a mask, the virus can fly up to six meters. The risk of contamination from surfaces (door handles, handrails in vehicles, etc.) to which infected people can carry the virus, according to Timakov, is very low. "The concentration there is not high, such a viral load may not be sufficient for infection," concluded the doctor.

A one more interesting link to read - the latest hope for patients with the severe form of the coronavirus. So far, the effectiveness of the hydrocortisone steroid has only been proven, but there are hopes for a second therapy to improve the condition of severely ill patients


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4 hours ago, Tomasz said:

 zinc preferably in the form of chewable tablets

Best is a lozenge that slowly dissolves in the mouth so the zinc ions have time to act in the throat.

Unfortunately, at least for the common cold, you need to suck on a lot of them and they start having unpleasant side effects. 

I've tried it and they certainly work for colds but is does mildly upset your stomach. The worst part for me was it totally took away my sense of taste.


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No contact, no virus. Very simple. How to do, is not so simple these days in America.

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