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Trump threatened to fire FDA head if no virus approval before weekend. Trump should stay out of this. FDA needs to look at reason for the anaphylactoid reaction of 2 UK vaccinated.

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Two UK Healthcare workers had serious reaction to the Pfizer vaccine on Tuesday.  The two experienced serious allergic reactions in the past and carry episode pens.

The FDA are looking into the reported vaccinations.  We don't know if the subjects reacted to certain ingredients in the vaccine or if it was a response induced due to the nature of the mRNA vaccine.

Below are three of seven of the longterm concerns by some virologist that may be  associated with the Covid vaccine. 

* 1) Sudden onset of autoimmune disorders that cause the body’s immune system to attack its own cells.

* (4) Immune response interference due to the presence of unintended RNA fragments being translated into unintended proteins, leading to a vast array of negative possible outcomes including molecular deficiencies that can result in various diseases and syndromes including hormonal / endocrine disorders, infertility, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and many more.

Dr. Michael Yeadon and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who have written to the European Medicines Agency, citing safety concerns 

* (7) Among the potential side-effects, they warn, are the formation of ‘non-neutralising antibodies’ which can cause an exaggerated, and possibly lethal, immune reaction – especially when the test person is confronted after vaccination with the real, ‘wild’ virus. 

The FDA is correct to attempt to determine the actual cause to the reaction.  Trump should bud out.

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