An Iran Attack on US Inauguration Day?

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Letters Editor
The Jerusalem Post
Proposed Title:  Might Iran Attack on US Inauguration Day?
Your pages have rightly covered the threat of Iran seeking revenge for the assassinations of two top officers of its terrorist Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).  Even more so, such coverage has speculated on whether such revenge, if it comes, would be before or after the inauguration of the new American president on January 20th.  Now that President Trump is in a bind with accusations of incitement to insurrection, the optimum date in the IRGC's mind might be Inauguration Day itself.
The Guards Corps may figure that such date, between the twilight of Trump's administration and the dawn of Biden's, would be the best time to catch America unprepared at the very top. It may believe that Trump is more likely now than before to skirt his final obligations and leave Iran to Biden on that date.  At the same time, the Corps might also consider that Biden would be likely to chuck the attack off as the expected Iranian response to what many consider Trump's failed policy toward Iran. The Corps might see this as a way to strengthen Biden's resolve to return to nuclear arms negotiations as his only way forward.
However this might prove to be, it would be well for all to beware and be prepared for January 20th, and not just on the now cleansed steps of the US Capitol.
NOTE: Full analysis as OpEd is attached !! Might Iran Attack on US Inauguration Day.doc
The writer is a strategic analyst who retired in 1996 after 30 years with the US Foreign Service.

Evil Persian Empire with MAP.doc

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