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Mitch McConnell business ties to Chinese Government. Just like Pelosi's husband, Senator Feinstein's husband, Biden's son/brother , Kerry's Stepson , etc , etc

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It's no longer Left vs Right.

It's Insiders vs Outsiders.

United States of America Land of the Greed , at the expense of the working folks. 

It feels like China owns Congress.




" Really, it goes to the fact that Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao, his wife, are financially tied to the Chinese government,” Schweizer outlined. “And it comes through the shipbuilding company that Elaine Chao’s family owns. That relationship was forged in December of 1993 when James Chao, Elaine Chao’s father, Elaine Chao, and the new son-in-law, Senator Mitch McConnell, visited Beijing, China, at the invitation of the China state shipbuilding corporation. This was a coup to Beijing because Tiananmen square had happened just four years earlier. Very few high officials went there. The result of that meeting and the deals that followed is that today the Chinese government finances the construction of the ships for the shipbuilding company, they build the ships, they provide the crews for the ship, and they provide the cargo for the ship. So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business. And the reason they’re doing business with them, let’s make it clear, is because Mitch McConnell is a very powerful figure in Washington, D.C. And the problem is, Steve, that his position on China has softened over the years the closer that this commercial relationship has become, and he’s a direct beneficiary of what this business does.”

According to Schweizer, this is the “strategy” of the Chinese government across the globe.

“They seek out political elites and give them commercial deals,” Schweizer stated.

“They are wedded to the Chinese,” he added. “They don’t want to anger the Chinese because they could destroy their families financially.”

Also, Rep Eric Swalwell (D- CA) , the intelligence committee member that was penetrated  by Chinese Spy Fang Fang,  father and brother continued to stay in touch with Fang Fang until exposed recently. Are the Swalwell family doing business with China too ? 

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The mystery is why the murcan sheeple accept such corruption and theft.  Seems the public education (indoctrination) system has been very successful.

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