China sends warplanes thru Taiwan airspace. Joe's reponse . . . .

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3 hours ago, frankfurter said:

Another imperialist demanding China "behaves".  uh, behaves according to whom and what?  Obviously, for you, behaves according to American dictates. The world has suffered your expansion of democracy numerous times, from Korea until today. The millions who have died in the name of your democracy have yet to recognised. The great lie is that America is not a democracy, it is a republic. Well, other countries are republics, too, and reject your notions of what constitutes a republic. Americans cannot respect nor tolerate those who may differ and, like all imperialists, will seek to destroy; and if destroy is too costly, then to subjugate. You are correct though: America needs help for a united front, as you are too weak now to try this on your own. Nukes will ensure the destruction of the world; what is not destroyed immediately will be destroyed slowly by the fall out. Your top 1% is very willing and eager to sacrifice the lives of the 99%, but I doubt they will sacrifice their own lives, so I doubt the US will take down the world if need be. The salient point is I doubt you or I will be around to see who or what be standing upon the final day of America's aggression.



It was the US that ended WWII and result has been a more peaceful world. Germany controls Germany, Russia controls Russia, China controls China, Italy controls Italy, the Phillipenes, India, Japan, S Korea all control their own countries. And the list goes on. 
Your a guy that can’t see the the votes counted backed by court judges along with the most positive outcome of a major war ever. Your pretty much a far right wing-a-ding with the blinders of hate ignorance. 
What the US wants is fair trade, not to end trade. Dozens of warring countries became trading countries. We don’t want China to steal F-35 plans for example. We don’t want multiple countries around the China Sea to build nukes because the US didn’t fulfill its commitment to a militart umbrella. Get it? Got a clue? Does being foreign preclude preventive common sense thinking? History is clear. The US intervention and subsequent role as the worlds policeman has been a tremendous success for humanity. There will always be a few odds and ends to clean up by types like you.

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