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This is Joe Biden’s first 2 days as President

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Tom Nolan Here:  Again, I want to make it clear that I intentionally don’t vote, because the entire system is broken.  I am neither Left, Right nor Independent.  I am a Voluntaryist.  I advocate individual liberty.  I detest the deception and corruption which exists in the mainstream media and Big Corporations and government.  Until the common man becomes aware of the deceptions, they will be herded into a narrative by the elite.


WhatsHerFace says:  “The good news is millions of Americans just got one step closer to understanding that the left-right paradigm is an illusion…puppets reciting their good cop bad cop script for the common end goal of their masters.”

This is Joe Biden’s first 2 days as President

(7 minutes by WhatsHerFace.)


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