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Reddit traders (think GameStop) now going after oil company shorts. Tiny oil Co stock skyrockets 950 %

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Is it interesting? it seems like a rehash of a classic pump and dump.

It almost always leads to action by the SEC against the "pumpers" especially if they do it chronically, because unfortunately, a lot of retail investors end up holding a bag when they chase a short squeeze too late before the original pumpers dump it. A well capitalized (usually activist) firm will at least try to make the trade risk neutral (this is why the "there is no free lunch" saying is so common in mathematical finance). also, arbitrage is much weirder in illiquid assets. also I've seen a lot of people trading options that don't know probability theory and stochastic processes are (which means they are gambling, and only going to get lucky until whatever "effect" gets arbitraged out). In many of these cases, the "house", the counterparty are usually going to be the net winners because they want the volatility especially in a period of low interest rates. 

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