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17 hours ago, Roch said:



" Let’s look at McConnell, probably the highest profile johnny-come-lately Trump basher. His wife, Elaine Chao, former Transportation Secretary is heavily tied to China. .  .  .  .  

“That relationship was forged in December of 1993 when James Chao, Elaine Chao’s father, Elaine Chao, and the new son-in-law, Senator Mitch McConnell, visited Beijing, China, at the invitation of the China state shipbuilding corporation. This was a coup to Beijing because Tiananmen square had happened just four years earlier. Very few high officials went there. The result of that meeting and the deals that followed is that today the Chinese government finances the construction of the ships for the shipbuilding company, they build the ships, they provide the crews for the ship, and they provide the cargo for the ship. So, the Chinese government could pull the plug tomorrow on this business.”

Trump has been putting America first for his entire administration and China is one of the primary targets. This isn’t good for the Chao family owned business, Foremost Group, sporting 33 huge container/bulk material ships.

So Mitch is submissive to Trump with Mitch’s wife in the Cabinet until it became clear that no court was going to hear the mountains of evidence of fraud, ballot stuffing, and rigging in the 2020 election, all against President Trump. So here goes the dive. Elaine quits shortly after Jan. 6. McConnell begins passing the word that Trump should be impeached. But hold on. In December 2020 the House Oversight Committee began (again) an investigation into the closely held Foremost Group and whether Elaine Chao acted improperly to benefit herself or her family’s shipping company. BTW, can you guess where Foremost Group shipped most of their cargo to and from? Don’t get ahead of me. Yep, China. I haven’t been able to find out if this investigation has been dropped but my guess is it has. “The New York Times (I don’t read it) and Politico (nor this one) have reported that Chao may have used her Cabinet position to benefit the company and increase its influence…”

When you see and hear all the hype about Mitch, his agreement with convicting Trump in a Senate trial, and now rumors of his encouragement for more senators to fall in line with him, you at least know the reason. If Trump isn’t completely silenced he will come back to haunt Mitch and his ties to China. Follow the money."




From previous post:


Is Mitch McConnell/Elaine Chao any different from Joe Biden/Hunter Biden ?

Will Mitch sell out Trump like his wife Elaine Chao (former Secretary Transportation) did to get the Democrats drop the investigation of her and her family  ? 

Mid-December the House turned up the heat on McConnell (Chao) by requesting more documents regarding China, Elaine Chao, Foremost Shipping Group . The Democrat House Oversight Committee resurrected the investigation into Mitch's wife Elaine Chao the second week December 2020 (started investigation back on Sept 10 , 2019) .  How convenient ! A couple of days later on Dec 15, 2020 McConnell trashed Trump for contesting the election (which Trump has a constitutional right to do) and recognised Biden as the winner.  Are they linked . . . OF COURSE THEY ARE. 

After the nutcases riot in the Capital Chao gave her resignation and blasted Trump. On January 10th  Elaine Chao resigned as Transportation Secretary and crapped on Trump. The Dem's eased off Mitch and Elaine for a while.  Looks like they are waiting to see how Mitch votes on impeachments.

The Dem's made it known they would blackball anyone associated with the Trump Administration if they did not renounce him.  

McConnell and Elaine are no better than Joe and Hunter Biden.  One in the same. Using their position to enrich their family.

Watch, the Dem's will use Elaine Chao resignation in their impeachment trial.

Will Mitch vote to convict Trump in Senate hearing ?  Probably.  Mitch just won reelection.  Six more years.  



What was the first thing Elaine Chao did when she was appointed U.S. Secretary of Transportation ? 

(a) review current Transportation Dept budget ?  NO.

(b) Evaluate current Personal support positions and needs ? No.

(c) Evaluate current highway , bridges , railways , and airline needs , plans and budgets ?   No.

(d) Did Chao work with the Administration and Congress to pass a badly needed Infrastructure bill to fund our transportation infrastructure ?  No.

None of the above.

She sent email and made phone calls to China and arranged a meeting for herself , family members and husband Mitch McConnell with the Chinese Communist Party. Elaine and Mitch were to fly on an official U.S. government jet (just like Joe and Hunter) for their meetings. (Note: the House committee investigating Secretary Chao subpoenaed  these emails, phone records and other documents) . Meetings were arranged between Chao's sister and Chinese officials.

"Ms. Chao’s office had made a series of unorthodox requests related to her first scheduled visit to China as a Trump cabinet member, according to people with knowledge of the email. Among them: asking federal officials to help coordinate travel arrangements for at least one family member and include relatives in meetings with government officials."

A redacted email about a trip Ms. Chao was planning to take to China. A request to include family members at events raised ethical concerns.

The Chao family shipping business Foremost Corporation was given meetings and lucrative shipping contracts. BUT FOREMOST SHIPPING ALSO RECEIVED interest free loans from the Chinese banks (owned by the CCP) to purchase ships to fill their lucrative sweetheart contracts 

If I were Hunter I would file a complaint.  Hunter went over with Vice President.  Elaine Chao went with a Senator.  Why does she get a better payout ?

Funny how this investigation never ends ? Of course, as long as the House holds this investigation over McConnell's head he will obey every command . . . "sit up" .  .  .  "beg" .  .  .  "roll over" like a good little lapdog. Mitch McConnell is compromised.  But so is Biden and other insiders.  

The President (Biden) , House Speaker (Pelosi) and Senate Minority Leader (McConnell) families all have major business ties with China.  They're gonna get tough on China for human rights and fair trade ?  Nope.




When China's military moves into Taiwan will Biden , Pelosi  and McConnell support and defend them. Nope. 

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If not a swamp snake a definite snapping turtle


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