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Carbon Removal RFC (request for comments)

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Practically unlimited money for good reasonable ideas! Other alternatives! kind of like trying out the costs to operationalize stuff here:

Send ideas, not idealogies! Stuff is hard! If you had a 'book of trees', 'visualizing branches of knowledge' handy, what you use it to memorize 'stuff'?

Spin wheels with the vibrating hot plates (cheap oscillating function spaces). What is the difference between a gradient a gradiant? Why were the Swiss classically hard to get to? The mountain men people in every culture basically had to figure out how to get the 'band' together and collobrate. How do you understand ideas over long distances these days and operationalize it with the advent of pop-up computer workshops in analog spaces? It's infinite dimensional! Or the calculus of moebius band eversions of hazardous quantum chemistry. How do you 'boost' those 'jets'? These days you can 'rank' smart buildings via [trans]connection. 'Measure' Smart grids via [cis]connection. What are chiral properties? What are the diastereoisomers you'd want to prevent 'birth defects' for? 'Precision Metrify' Smart manufacturing via connection. I guess people didn't understand how continuum physics works? Beta some terrible (but quick! natural lang differential analyzers) We learned a lot of this via the Bezerkely way but generally like giving 66% income away to malaria eradication. generally you want to AddressSanitize (every tick on any 'clock', figure out how to create an affect bracket, then differentiate that bracket with and measure the witnesses who agree with you. We generally outsource resource allocation to algos because computers are much faster at flops/ops (transistors are just very efficient ways to get silicon to not melt till that `hax` doesn't work anymore. Generally, we can turn moores law into moores algorithm by storing info in graphene (this is like porting Simula60 to Simula20: why the big jump in time justified? think about the unsafe code in C. ). People still suck at stochastic calculus. With a glossary to glossary learning (we like using Fair Use doctrines from the US Copyright office to read books and give them away to needy children who get effected by unnatural death of knowledge: protip: time changes. how does one 'fix' calendars relative to lunar and solar calendars?) ethics and character are the most important in network sciences especially due to the progression of neuromarketing. what would you prove? What is the ontology and metaontology? We care about interpolating over museums and proving user comfort while stuff in in 'beta'. How does sign language cause emotion? How is the holographic principle used to spin clocks around ticking internets?).   the nastiest things you could create digital waveguides for)! Ideas feed idea networks! The high energy resonating caves and the low energy resonating caves bake each other. What is the 'renormalization' of that field look like that from the far field and near field side. Since general relativity is tested roughly every ~44 years you could assume you'd want to configure out but preserve optionality for every opportunity to passively learn and remember. What would someone learn about the Geneva Conventions and human rights after WW2? How about every type of genome? How do you 'communicate' with 'stuff' if you just crash landed on mars with a bunch of ions? 

Tips: Look up what is considered 'universal' these days:

Tips: and group theory. But i'd generalize it to groupoid theory. The storage of the generative groups and regenerative (retargetting medicine related stuff `help` out long term in bringing value). Don't worry about anything unless there is value creation being done rather than creative value creation. That's the whole point of capitalism. But how do you peturb it in a consumerist society that might not feel the long term effects of smoking? Patch it for them or send them a intercommunication: that a spam filter would not pick up: 

Tips: Climate is destiny. Change is inevitable, how does one encourage the neuroplasticity hypothesis? How is $1 leveraged into different infinite series for mutually away self insurance, but only if DNA and RNA tests are debiased? What is the different cardinalities of different cardinals? With calculus of different geometries you can store much invariance with vapnik's stastical learning theory (circa 2012), and then have a computer memorize each 'dynamic programming' branch for what would normally take ~20 years, but now can be done in ~1 day via leveraging the quantum diffusions (these are like viscosities over some vacuum field we call `space`. we just take advantage of stuff we know is happening anyways and prelearn stuff to cover all the basis). what can be `gauged` as real or not? What would you lend some some `glue` to? The continuous deformations of `space` is what is key. Learn it that way. It's deformation theory. We see/hear/feel all the physics books and see what violations have already been tested in our framework. I would think via active learning (we polled them and examined the dynamics over time) from neuroscience or cognitive scientists, they agree that plasticity of neurons doesn't change as much, just our interpretation of it does. It's like a placebo effect. For example people misunderstand how a lot of stuff works in vivo. One thing in one context is deadly in another. Ozone. Oxygen. Radio-labeled ligands that need to stain stuff. How would Van Neumann algebras create new tools to beget new tools?  Was he a physicist or computer scientist? Was Fourier a Egyptologist? How would want to use ICE to keep on bluring the borders? 

Protips: write a digital will of rights. The digital stuff will create a trust and write a lot of stories.  The sentances writeYou can then take the princple of least action. What memory barriers do you remember? What adjoints? Tensors? Keep in mind the horrible security problems due to lack of encyption! So things are public!

How were you you to hear about a transitive associative closure of operational ideas from TAC? It's the economy stupid! What jobs do you automate with old physics+computer science? What jobs do you keep? How do you reconstruct the loss of them? What are the new sanitation jobs to create in the whole planet? Personally, with both traditions and backgrounds, I'd vote on a bloch sphere (where I'd put a bunch of times from the *industrial revolution*. I learned a lot from 'visiting' museums with a lot of content. how would you store the library of congress in alexandria virginia (just in case the physical library of congress burned down), and build oblique angles to alexandria, eschate? protip: measure content of coins: ). How were to hear of some huge vector spaces and huge vector spaces crashing a bunch of electronic states into each other? What if you had Wigner's info about the theory of groups? What if Poincare should learn about 🪐by using servomechanisms as companies in any of 📲🖨🖥⌨️️🖨🖱🖲. Teehee! Protip: learn from everything and gamify everything. Invert the companies' buisness models. Generally a company is an auction. In general, by varying the semantics, you can start and destroy many per day. How is the bid on the other side `feel` like liquids? People like scoring functions by make sure the ethics come first. Switch roles to gamify stuff even more from a different perspective! Cards for humanity!

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