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Feds increased Medicare payment from $200/day to $800/day for Covid Patients in Nursing Homes. Cuomo helped his #1 donor group by mandating elderly Covid be sent to Nursing Homes. It's all about the $$$

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The New York State Hospital Facilities Association (NYSHFA) is Cuomo's #1 campaign donor.   

Dr. Osterholm and Dr. Fauci are now trying to distance from Cuomo and the thousands of unnecessary deaths. 

DeRosa said, according to a transcript of a Feb. 10 meeting with state legislators. "The governor speaks on a regular basis with Dr. [Anthony] Fauci and Dr. Michael Osterholm. I would say those are two of the people that are chief advisors."

Video.  Cuomo and Fauci laugh it up.  A mutual admiration relationship. Covid virus, such a funny topic to these two.  They joke they are De Niro and Pacino. 

Maybe Fauci should be charged with Manslaughter also. 

Biden still thinks Gov Cuomo is the "gold standard" of handling the covid virus. 



The  NYSHFA represent the hundreds New York Nursing Homes. 

1. Medicare paid maximum $200/day for a Nursing Home resident care.

2. For Nursing Home Covid patients the Feds would pay $800/day  !

3. Cuomo helped his crony benefactors by signing a bill to mandate elderly Covid patients be moved to nursing homes. When the heat turned up on Cuomo he stayed they wanted the patients.  They did, they wanted the increased $800/day ! Cuomo sent thousands to death to please his donors !

4. There were reports of (1) Nursing Homes squeezing 3 or 4 single beds into what previously a singles room that should contain one patient (4 x $800 =$3200/day per room) (2) many families reported their parents in Nursing Homes were sleeping in the hallways.  The NY Nursing Homes were making windfall profits . . . . to hell with the patients.  

5. Then Cuomo signed a bill indemnifying the Nursing Homes from liability.  

                 $800/day   vs.   $200/day

Do you need to know anything else  ?

6Governor Cuomo and Mayor DeBlasio refused to use the Medical ship Trump retrofitted and delivered to NYC or the emergency hospital bed facilities Trump built at the Javits Center and other venues. Both equipped with ventilators.

7. Right after Cuomo was exposed he claims, " they (nursing homes) wanted the patients".  They did, the daily rate for covid patient quadrupling to $800/day.  Cuomo's order was a ruse to force hospitals to send elderly to homes and give them cover.  Cuomo followed up with immunity for them.

Campaign contributors don't make money there.  

According to the ambulance drivers accounts during the Nursing Home patients last days as the covid virus consumed them, the patients were loaded into an ambulance, not told where they were going and delivered to a hospital acute care facility where they died alone without family by their side. 

Many times the family wasn't informed till after the fact.  

Also, the average Medicare patient payment to a hospital for a patient with complex respiratory condition was $13,297.  That has been increased for covid complex respiratory conditions to $39,000.

~ $13,000 for respiratory to $39000 for hospitals . 

You know what's next.  Respiratory conditions that were the result of something like pneumonia were now classified as Covid.  One family in California lost their mother to cancer .  When the family received the death certificate it stated "Covid" . 

Cuomo assistant told fellow Democrats they lied about nursing home deaths by half because they were worried about the U.S. Department of Justice hearing about the excessive Nursing Home death rates. 

Cuomo (De Niro) and Fauci (Pacino) have a good laugh at the expense of Families that lost loved ones in New York State Nursing Homes. (below)

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