US Sales Trends For 24 Shared ICE/EV Models


The US average sales of EV's as percentage of total vehicle sales is currently at 1.6% but this analysis shows that when customer have the choice between an EV (BEV or PHEV) and an ICE version of the same model, 10% choose the EV.  An interestng fact given that the current EV  are generally 30% more expensive than the ICE. This imply that the rate of EV adoption will increase as a larger number of EV models are put on the market and the price premium decreases. Now there are 250 fewer EV than ICE models on the US market, no electric pickups, no electric small SUVs/CUVs (the hottest market going), and no top 20 selling models with an electric option.

The analysis is worth reading :


Edited by Guillaume Albasini

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