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Listened to a Freakonomics podcast about Corporate Social Responsibility and one phrase got my attention: "there is a study showing that when people express a hypothetical preference for purchasing environmentally friendly products over conventional products, they’re more likely to lie, cheat, and steal in a subsequent laboratory task".

Reminded me of an Australian bank, Westpac decision to stop funding coal projects (I've stopped using them and exchanged e-mails with corporate relations to let them know). They lately came into spotlight with Banking Royal Commission where examples of dishonest, unethical and outright criminal behavior were given.

So, if you don't want to be ripped off - may want to stick with a bank which is focused on banking and not seeking a license to cheat by doing perceived "good" thing...

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Correct. This reminded me of the Deepwater horizon incident. An environmentalist was very vocal against BP and associates at first. Later he changed his stance and started supporting BP. It was claimed by a news agency that he got a good "research grant" from BP.

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