America's pandemic dead deserve accountability after Birx disclosure

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4 minutes ago, Dan Warnick said:

I'm pretty sure vaccine passports, in some form or another, will become the norm for international travel, to visit companies on business, government meetings, etc.  Possibly to be allowed to attend state universities and very likely colleges.  More than likely, for travel, it will be automatic and your data will be stored and readable from your regular passport's chip, where they could record your temperature upon arrival/departure and any vaccines you've had at any point along the way.  It'll get lax and then it'll get strict, rinse and repeat as more panic comes and goes.

It's not really new.  If you have a competent family physician they will advise of things you need to do/take when travelling to certain areas.

Dogs have needed rabies vaccine passports for a long time. If it's fine for good dogs it's certainly fine for garbage humans - I vastly prefer the average dog to the average human.

Only viable alternative is super rapid testing at airports etc.

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23 hours ago, 0R0 said:


The issue remains that it is a modified flu and the deaths are not indicative of anything other than a new flu strain. The hysteria and panic and the absurd restrictions were never called for and vaccines were never necessary.

Big difference is that normal flu vaccine development techniques didn't work.

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