Shangri La Security Dialogue and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit

Interestingly two important geopolitical events are taking almost simultaneously in Asia, the region with the highest demand for oil and products, which are the Shangri La (June 1st to 3rd) in singapore and upcoming soon Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit in June 9th in China, one with the U.S. presence through U.S Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis, the other one with India and Pakistan as newly arrived members (traditional U.S. allies in the region) in a Russia-China backed bloc. This will have important implications for the energy dynamics in a region where the U.S. is trying to regain influence through oil and gas exports in competition with Russia as it tries to ramp up exports to China at the same time as it gradually is trying to become a participant in the North Korea issue. definitely 2 events to watch before the meeting of OPEC soon this month. 

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