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Dr. Daniel Fine, associate director of the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy and senior policy analyst for the New Mexico State Department of Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources, discusses the Trump administration's energy policy to a standing room only crowd at the John Lock Foundation.

The lecture can be found here->


Dr. Daniel FineHeadshot

Dr. Daniel Fine

Associate Director, New Mexico Center for Energy Policy and Senior Policy Analyst, New Mexico State Department of Energy Minerals and Natural Resources


Dr. Daniel Fine is the Associate Director of  the New Mexico Center for Energy Policy and is a Senior Policy Analyst in the New Mexico State Department of Energy Minerals and Natural Resources as Project Leader in the new Energy Policy. Currently,  he is the State of New Mexico Coordinator for the Export of New Mexico Natural Gas to Mexico/Chihuahua.

He is co-editor of Resource War in 3-D: Dependence, Diplomacy and Defense, and has contributed to Business Week, the Engineering and Mining Journal, and the Energy Magazine/Daily Times, Farmington, New Mexico.  Dr. Fine participated in the Atlantic Council Workshop on Central Asian Energy Policy and the Hudson Institute Russia-United States Relations Project  (Oil and Gas).

He was a member of the Director’s Advisory Board of the South Carolina Research Authority and a  Research Associate at the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology (Energy and Materials). He was a contributor to the Harvard University  Business School Study on Energy Futures. At MIT Dr. Fine participated in the World Oil Forum which consisted of OPEC/SAUDI ARAMCO,  MIT and EXXON.  In New Mexico,  he was a guest speaker at the New Energy Summit Conference.

Dr. Fine has given testimony on strategic natural resources before the U.S. Senate Committees on Foreign Affairs and the Energy and Natural Resources. He was a member of the Domestic Energy Production Issue Team of the Center For The Study Of The Presidency and Congress “Strengthening America’s Future Initiative.” He was a member of the Department of Energy,  Office of Naval Petroleum Reserves  Ad Hoc Committee onU.S. Unconventional  Fuels. He was also a guest speaker on World Oil and Natural Gas at the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Annual Conference in Oklahoma City.



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