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Danny Hangartner

How the Saudis should handle news articles about Asia buying more oil from Trump.

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They should do nothing. They have to understand that the majority of Asian nations and ASEAN are happy that news articles are reaching Trump. It keeps him at bay.

Most Asians don’t understand the unpredictability of Trump and shutter when he comes to Asia. While he’s shaking their hand, his other hand preforms the ‘Trump reach-around’ and goes deep where the sun don’t shine. They’re bewildered at why that hand is there. “Why is it searching there?” they wonder. Feeling uncomfortable, they’re not sure that they like it. They’d strive to be in his good books, but on the other side of the world from him. They’d buy the oil at almost any price to keep him at bay.

Expect the same buying attitude towards Canada. Do they want our Prime Minister there to sell them Canadian oil? No, they’ll gladly buy the oil if it keeps him on the far side of the planet. They last thing they need is him around election time pointing out what he considers humanity crimes. It’s not that they do any, it’s more of a case that he doesn’t understand the concepts behind most of them. He doesn’t understand that to a lot of them, it’s more about a crime against Buddha. About how one bad apple creates a snowball effect and so on. How is he expected to understand those sorts of politics?

 So, OPEC don’t panic. Keep doing what you set out to do. You have a lot of friends in the oil patches that like the direction you’re taking.

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