Marina Schwarz

The G7 Meeting Debacle: Cirque de Non-Soleil

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This pic has gone viral. It should be here as well.


Also, the media coverage is simply brilliant:

"When the world leaders convened around a bonfire for a Cirque du Soleil performance on Friday night, one can only imagine the contortionist manoeuvres performed on stage resonated with some of its audience."

"The escalating rhetoric culminated in a surreal telephone conversation where Mr Trump defended his strategy by suggesting to Mr Trudeau that Canadians were responsible for burning down the White House. (British troops did burn down the White House back in the War of 1812, but Canada wasn't even confederated until 1867.)"

"The potential for a meaningful discussion about de-nuclearisation on the Korean peninsula could diffuse some of the tensions between the US and North Korea, improve the global mood and gain Trump some brownie points after this weekend’s events at the G7."

The media is having a field day.

And one level-headed take on the whole thing.


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Heh heh, China shop, meet Bull.


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not sure 'bull' is the right word. How about 'buffoon'? Russia good now, Canada (and every other ally) bad. It's like foreign policy on anti-depressants when someone forgot to take their meds. I worry about North Korea. Not sure I worry about North Korea so much as I worry about ANOTHER North Korea. 

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