Will Variants and Ill-Health Continue to Plague Economic Outlooks?

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1 hour ago, said:

Here is Ivermectin decreasing viral load for Hepatitis E

I am sure someone has done study on your Hepatitis B... search, you might help yourself...

Thanks. Hepatitis E is not really a very close relative.

My viral load is already zero, thanks to Tenofovir. I would have to take the medication for the rest of my life for it to stay that way.

They can actually treat it for good, by similar means they accidentally cured Hepatitis C, but it is tedious. They need to combine some conventional antiviral with a fancy Interferon and monitor the patient closely for long-ass time. Nothing happens for something like 72 weeks and than the virus goes on a last-ditch offensive, resulting in massive viral load. There, you up the antiviral dose for a short period.

I suppose this is starting to percolate since the last I looked into it, which was around 2018. FDA already approving some kind of Interferon derivative for B

The official verbiage changed, too. Used to say that there is no permanent cure possible at all. The Interferon stuff does not really cost them negligible money to make. Indian generics in South Africa go for some $40/month, which is most of any drug I've seen a generic for.

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