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Wyoming proposes fees for protests against oil & gas lease sales, in response to a flood of frivolous protests

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Seems at least one Wyoming Congressperson is fed up with delays and state revenue losses causes by increasing frivolous protests against state oil & gas lease sales.

So a fee per protest is being proposed to counter the rash of deliberate, frivolous protests filed.

Note: the proposed $150 fee is defined by media as "hefty fees."

Cue virtue signalling outrage in 3 ... 2 ... 

Congressman Liz Cheney proposes fees for oil and gas protests

"A bill sponsored by Congressman Liz Cheney would slap hefty fees on protests to oil and gas on federal land, from leasing land to drilling wells and obtaining right of ways.

Cheney, who introduced the bill in the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday, said the measure would deter intentional burdens to Wyoming’s core resource — energy development.

“Currently no fee is required and some groups have taken advantage of the ability to file protests for free by flooding the permitting agencies with frivolous protests that have severely delayed the federal permitting process and hurt our economy in Wyoming,” she said in a statement Thursday.

The Removing Barriers to Energy Independence Act states that its purpose is to recoup the administrative costs of processing protests.

Under the measure, individuals or groups would be charged $150 to file a protest under 10 pages, with additional pages charged at $5 each. If a single filed protest concerns multiple parcels of land, each is assessed at an additional $10.

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