Poland signs 20-year deal on U.S. LNG supplies

Well, it turns out that the Poles are eager to do business with the USA and import fresh LNG supplies instead of buying gas by pipeline from Russia.  

The agreement defines basic terms and conditions of the contract which equals about 2.7 bcm following regasification. neftegaz.ru U.S.-based Venture Global LNG signed a 20-year deal for the delivery of 2 mtpa of liquefied natural gas from its Calcasieu Pass and Plaquemines LNG facilities to Polish Oil & Gas Company (PGNiG).

Note also that, in the same vein, Qatar intends to supply gas directly to Ukraine.  I had previously predicted both these developments here on Oilprice.com.  It is the border States to Russia that are most concerned about being swallowed up by Putin's visions of a New Russian Empire. Thus the disentangle themselves from contracts with Russia, shut down their economic links, and create new ones with the United States - the one country with the raw power to ensure their freedom. 

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