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Iran Sputters Back "I Know You Are But What Am I"

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After Trump's tweet on Saturday, Iran has a blustering reply.  Did Jahangiri take lessons from Kim Jong Un on hyperbole?  See the bolded bit at the bottom:

Iran vows to thwart US efforts to block its oil exports

Iran has vowed to thwart US efforts to block its oil exports by allowing private companies to export crude oil.

Eshaq Jahangiri, Iran's first vice president, also warned rival OPEC producer Saudi Arabia that it would never take Tehran's "place" on the international oil market.

"We will surely do something to thwart the US rallying cry that Iranian oil [exports] must be stemmed," Jahangiri said in a speech during an economic event broadcast on state television.

"The [Iranian] government has a plan ... and God willing we are certain that we will be able to sell as much oil as we want," Jahangiri added.

Iranian crude oil will be offered on the bourse and the private sector can export it in a transparent way," Jahangiri said at the event. 

"We want to defeat America's efforts ... to stop Iran's oil exports.

"Oil is already being offered on the bourse, about 60,000 barrels per day, but that has been only for exports of oil products," Jahangiri said.

... "They're begging the Saudis to raise their output so that if Iran's quota decreases nothing will happen to the markets," said Jahangiri.

"In this battle, any country that tries to take Iran's place on the oil market will be guilty of treason against Iran... and surely one day it will pay the price of this treason," he said.

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You know, in the generation before my father, or my father's father, I am sure there were a number of people who did terrible things to "my people".  However, my father chose not to burden me with things that did not concern me and that I had nothing to do with.  In fact, my father taught me to work out my issues, whatever they may be, with the people that I may have issues with.  He taught me not to bring my issues home to my children.  So what happened?  I moved on and prospered and the people around me were better for it.

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