Will Guyana outpace Venezuela as oil producer in South America?

Guyana, the tiny neighbour country of Venezuela, once the largest oil producer and exporter in the region, has been since quite a time in an interesting growing trend of oil production especially after recent discoveries of fields helped by EXXON and ANADARKO, U.S. companies and still is on the search to raise its production, with a seemingly positive outlook for its oil production. Venezuela on the contrary is a known story for all of declining oil production and mostly of everything else related to the chain of value of the business of oil and gas. So are we facing some scenario of Guyana surpassing Venezuela sometime soon as oil producer? It looks like and especially with the help of Washington and the U.S. oil companies more closely linked with it in my opinion. This could be an important geopolitical impact for Venezuela and the administration of the Bolivarian Revolution. 

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