Dow Jones to Plunge 5,000 pts from 25,000 range

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Just from simply glancing at the US Markets charts, it is about ready for some big selloff, starting soon, may end at at 20,000, or well need to see. The events that could cause the drop, is anyone's guess, but as it drops, we will find out the reasons. Like I said many times, charts can predict future events, assuming you understand charts. Again this plunge, is just my opinion. 

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Well right now the dow is almost broke 24900, so it's a start. You know what they say, big losses start small. Now I am not expecting the 5000 drop very soon, but it will build up slowly, and once it has enough steam, while bulls are still sleeping, down she goes. By the time they wake up to complain, or ask what happened, it will be too late. 

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