Major Project Pipelines Across the Americas for Renewables


The US is dominant in the sectors of biomass, gas, geothermal, nuclear, ocean, oil and wind power generation projects. Brazil leads in the sectors of coal and hydroelectric, while Chile dominates the solar energy projects sector. Wind projects account for the highest value of projects, with a value of US$239.3 billion, followed by hydroelectric plants with US$217.4 billion. Gas projects are valued at US$132.1 billion while solar accounted for a value of US$122.6 billion. Assuming all projects proceed as planned, spending will reach US$204.3 billion in 2019 and fall to US$59.9 billion in 2022. The highest value of project completions will be in 2020, with a value of US$208.4 billion.

I am open to discussing and presenting the work I am doing in this sector so please feel free to engage with me to discuss.

Edited by Kal Iyalla, MCA, MBA

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