Tom Kirkman

Is Canada going to footbullet itself yet again on LNG?

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So it seems that Canada hasn't run out of machine gun footbullet ammo yet.

The Canadian NIMBY "keep oil and gas in the ground" crowd seems to be winning again.

This Shell-led LNG project was pretty much Canada's very last chance to develop a viable, large scale LNG industry.  And it looks like the Canadian government is leaning toward killing it off once and for all.

Hope I'm proved wrong, and the knuckleheads in the Canadian government don't force Shell to flee Canada in frustration.

This Is Why Canada Lost The LNG Race

An editorial in the Calgary Herald said that the death of the Petronas LNG project was a wakeup call for Canada, adding that it “should shake Canadian politicians and citizens out of their anti-energy stupor.  However, if the Petronas cancellation was a wakeup call for Canada, it appears that nobody was listening.

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