Marina Schwarz

No Such Thing as Peak Lithium

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1 hour ago, Marina Schwarz said:

A good article against lithium alarmism from one guy who seems to know what he's talking about.

Interesting, rational article.  This bit was amusing:

First and foremost, the “peak fill-in-the-blank” represents a mindset rather than an analytical hypothesis. Neo-Malthusians embrace the notion that resources are insufficient to support the current or projected population, at current or projected income levels, and therefore, conservation and a simpler lifestyle should be pursued, if not mandated. The most extreme case are those who fear overpopulation so intensely that they seem to prefer massive dieoffs from disease as pre-emptive solutions.

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Lithium is not a rare ressource.  But until recemtly the amount of lithium needed was rather low so only a very limited number of mines are in activity. With the expected rise of lithium demand related to the EV rapid development lithium production shoudl be increased. It can be done by opening new mines or expanding existing mines. But opening a new mine is a long process lasting years.

So there is not a lithium peak but there could be a temporary shortage if the demand rise is higher than the production rise.

As we know there are many projections on the EV rate of adoption and they diverge so its not easy for the lithium producers to anticipate demand.

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