N.Y.'s Attorney General

After digging for 2yrs, N.Y's attorney general finds 2 sets of notes on the affects of CO2 pollution.

Ref - Wallstreet Journal --

The finding showed that Exxon and other big oil companies never showed the public the true findings of the affects on climate change. If you've ever lived in 20 to 40 below zero climate, you'd know that forrest fires started from dry hot climates don't exist  anywhere in the Canada area such as British Columbia, where the smoke was so toxic and  travelled hundreds of miles eastward, officials  warned them to stay indoors(those living east). I have lived in Watertown NY in the 70's (which was a higher temp) and know that it only gets warm, and 2 weeks of the summer is considered hot toward August, which then starts the cooler temps. Some restaurants there that existed without A/C could shut down the last 2 weeks of July and still carry a great reputation. 

Getting back to oil, it's more likely that the oil companies prefer you to blame and are pushing for a carbon tax for all car owners to settle the the matter






WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A Republican lawmaker in the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a bill on Monday calling for a carbon tax, saying he hoped the legislation would at the very least renew a U.S. debate on climate change that has languished for a decade


New York Attorney General Alleges Exxon Misled Investors on Climate 

State prosecutor claims Exxon used internal climate risk figures that differed from public statements

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