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Climate Alarmism Debunked

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It would be interesting to debate the demerits of the great hoax of our day, Climate Alarmism.  CO2 can only raise global temperatures by 2 degrees maximum.  CO2 does not cause significant warming nor does human activity on a global scale.  Geology and Climate Science prove as much. 

The Northern Hemisphere is warming as a result of lack of sunspots.  Sunspots cause cooler weather.  The spots come and go in an 11 yr cycle.  As with every hoax there is a grain of truth.  It is true that according to theory that if the Northern glaciers continue to melt the storm track moves north potentially causing large climate changes in the tropics and temperate latitudes but this is not necessarily a bad thing.  Some areas will dry out (tropics) others will become moist (The Great Basin).  The geological record shows the past upheavals prior to human CO2 involvement.  It wasn't long ago when Europe was covered with ice.  

Eventually, as we read in sci fi books, if the planet was overpopulated and completely built up without oceans and vegetation then of course temps would climb just as a cement driveway gets hotter than a shady lawn.  Many cities have sunk into the sea over the years, this is nothing new.  As the good book says, build your house upon a rock.  Don't build on the sand because the house will not be able to withstand a storm.  

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