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Lukoil Buyback

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Since I have been trapped by investing in OIL trade, I care about oil trend as much as what should I cook my daily meal nowadays lol....

1st, I know the fundamentals that everyone (OPEC, WTI, Brent) want a higher oil price to maximize the profitability with a limited earth resource. However, a high oil price definitely would discourage economic growth at some regions and it would be an even worse slam to others where are having geopolitical issues and poor economic performance.

The 2nd common rule is if U.S. dollar goes up, then Gold and Oil shall go down.

3rd, I realized/being told that crude price has nothing to do with the real market oil(gasoline)price as same as commodities, transportation, industries production cost, and many other aspects.

The article below seems interesting to me but to be honest, I have no idea how this would affect the oil market since then and if there is anything to do with geopolitic and tension between U.S. and Russia, and I also believe this somehow would affect other regions as well?

<Lukoil To Spend Over $1B On Share Buybacks By End-2019>

All experts here have any comments and thoughts?

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Kevin, I've previously commented about several of the issues you mentioned.  Here's a few old related threads:


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Thanks a lot for gather all these info together Tom. Appreciate. 

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