Attack in a Military Parade in Oil rich Ahvaz Province Iran.

An interesting development happening in restive province of Ahvaz, known for its opposition against iranian government, when a gunmen attacked an IRGC military parade killing around 24 just ahead of the JMMC meeting in Algiers and after Iran announced a military drill in the Strait of Hormuz and with the date of reactivation of sanctions in November close against Iran. This has the prospect for an escalation of tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran and with implications for the OPEC and oil markets and prices. Now it will be interesting to watch a reaction by Tehran and with consequences for example in any saudi oil facility in the Eastern Province by houthis in Yemen (something which has already happened in the recent past) and the reactions of the U.S., Russia, China. Definitely another issue with aggravations of the situation in the region. 

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