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Marc J. Rauch

ExxonMobil Makes Tremendous Scientific Breakthrough - They've Discovered ALGAE!

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Who says that Big Oil isn't contributing to finding ways for America to become energy independent?

By Marc J. Rauch 
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher 



October 5, 2018 (remember this date): They better start stamping out some more Nobel Science Awards in Sweden because the boys and girls at ExxonMobil have made what will probably be the greatest scientific discovery of all time (next to John Harvey Kellogg's discovery of how to keep breakfast cereal from getting too soggy).

ExxonMobil has discovered something called "Algae."

There is some confusion because some people are pronouncing the word as "Al - GEE," some people pronounce it as "AL GEY" (gey to rhyme with key), and some people pronounce it as "AL GUH," as in Huh? But however you pronounce it, it's a wondrous discovery.

And, if the discovery of Algae wasn't enough there are two more fantastic pieces of news from ExxonMobil. The first is that this stuff, this Algae, is comprised of live micro-organisms; imagine that! The second fantastic piece of news is even more extraordinary...are you ready for it comes....

ExxonMobil claims that in the future, motor vehicles may be able to run on fuel made from Algae! Strike up the marching bands.

You may ask, "Where did you discover that ExxonMobil made this stupendous discovery?" Well, I'm happy to tell you. I discovered the announcement on The New York Times website today, in a story paid for by ExxonMobil. And you thought that The New York Times has outlived its usefulness to report on news, seesh!

To read the story for yourself: CLICK HERE.

The news keeps getting better and better... ExxonMobil also claims that this Algae stuff can be grown in salt water...plain ordinary salt water, like the kind you find at Coney Island Beach. WOW, imagine, you can go to Coney Island to get a Nathan's Frankfurter and see some real live Algae floating in the water. Bring the kids and grandkids, it like going to see elephants for the first time.

Folks, we're living in amazing times.

Yeah, it's amazing that ExxonMobil would pay to have this garbage story run on The New York Times website. I shudder to think that they may have also paid to have it printed and inserted into the actual newspaper.

They must have absolutely no respect for the public if they think that they can make a story out of this, as if they really did discover "Algae" or invent the process that can turn the world's most abundant renewable substance into engine fuel. They are arrogant SOBs.

On the other hand, you can't really blame the oil industry for being arrogant SOBs considering that the people of the world have allowed the oil industry to waltz us into war after war, and allowed them to literally pour their poison gasoline and diesel fuel down out throats for the past 150 years. We have to take some of the responsibility...and now we have to take the responsibility to stop them from doing any further harm.

There is good news however, no really, there is good news in what ExxonMobil is trying to do with their Algae story. The good news is that algae can be a fantastic resource for engine fuels - it can be used to produce ethanol (the best fuel for internal combustion engines), and it can even be used to create fuels that emulate gasoline and diesel fuel without creating environmental disasters or motivating wars. Algae can be the best and most abundant resource for fuels, and it can be used for so many more things - virtually replacing petroleum oil in all areas that petroleum oil is used for. It can and will also be used to produce food of all types.

The best news of all is that we don't need ExxonMobil or any other oil company to help achieve this.

I first learned of ExxonMobil's foray into algae about ten years ago when they announced their relationship with a San Diego company called Synthetic Genomics to produce a Super Algae. The funny part about this is that algae is already very super. The reason that ExxonMobil would like to create a new strain of algae is so they can patent it and then try to control the market, just like what their original parent company (Standard Oil) did with General Motors and DuPont when they patented leaded gasoline. If ExxonMobil can create a strain that's different enough than natural algae, then they can use their financial muscle to buy enough political support to make their algae fuels the only algae fuels. And then, ExxonMobil can go what the oil industry does best: manipulate the markets and play supply and demand games to raise prices at will.

We don't need no stinkin' super algae. We don't ExxonMobil or any other oil company to dig their fangs further into our necks. But we do need to get rid of petroleum oil fuels and our dependence on them.



Algae: the Truly Green Solution to the World's Energy Problem

ExxonMobil and Synthetic Genomics Inc. Advance Algae Biofuels Program with New Greenhouse

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