IMO sulfur fuel cap regs to be pushed back?

Concerned that fuel costs would spike, US is considering delaying the IMO sulfur cap transition that was scheduled to go into effect in Jan 2020. Or at least staggering the introduction of the lower cap.  

In the S&P article on this, it was mentioned by a trader that Trump had pulled out of "bigger" things. Indeed!

I didn't see the memo sent by White House to WSJ on this. Anyone? Interested to see the verbiage used. 

p.s. This is a thread on the IMO sulfur cap delay, the effect that easing into the cap would have, the likelihood that the US will slow the roll out, and what this means for the fuel oil market. I will ask that you stay in that narrow lane when commenting on this thread. Any posts within this thread about the legitimacy/illegitimacy of climate change will be removed. There is another rowdy thread on that very thing if your skin is thick enough to engage. This is not that thread.

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