Just another explosion at a gasoline distribution plant in Venezuela today

Today there was just another explosion near the facilities of a strategic gasoline distribution plant in the capital city of Caracas, with unknown causes that provoked but without any doubts this adds up to the numerous events of this kind, putting in a tremendous harms way the venezuelan gasoline infrastructure, especially in Caracas, a critical spot politically speaking for the government of Maduro, which so far has been untouched by the national crisis of gasoline in Venezuela, with continuing power outages and gasoline shortages and as the so much fanfared new method of payment of gasoline at international prices still is in standby mode with a silence by the government since it has not been taken with positive mood by the population in the country. Very dark times for Venezuela's oil sector, as more resignations have been occurring in recent months, as China takes over larger chunks of fields in the country and as production is collapsing further. 

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