Saudi A Considers Ending OPEC

Once a time there was a band called the Beatles. John left, George left, Ringo left, but they all agreed to tell no one after Let it Be was released.

Paul held a press conference to say they broke up and he put out a solo album. Wow, KSA might declare it over.

In the 80s KSA could pump 3 mil a day, or 10 mil, that was a swing producer. There plays in the past few years took collusion with the new friends the Russians. KSA adventurism in mega-public works projects, selling the country as a great place to invest with an opening, more liberal environment, and trying to bend the Middle East to their will, plus a much bigger population with high expectations, means they can't fundamentally go back to exporting 3 a day without hurting themselves even more.

They are the single biggest exporter, very important, but less than they were, and far more internal demands. And I wish the people well.


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