A Bionic Mushroom capable of generating electricity

Researchers created “bionic” mushrooms by 3D printing cyanobacteria contained in hydrogel (bio-ink) directly onto button mushroom caps in a spiral pattern. In “self-serving biophysiological conditions”, the mushroom provides shelter, moisture, and nutrients to the bacteria, which in turn produces energy through chlorophyll cells. The integration is mutually beneficial, giving it the new nickname "engineered symbiosis". To capture that energy, graphene nanoribbons – thin strips of superconductive material called “electronic ink" – were printed in a pattern that intersects with the bacteria, capturing electrons released through the outer membranes of the bacteria. 

Shining a light on the bionic mushroom enabled the cyanobacteria to produce 65 nanoAmps through photosynthesis. In short, they were able to grow electricity.





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