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Should we be concerned about the effect of an EMP attack on America? Why or why not? I think we should very concerned about finding ways to minimize the damage an EMP would cause. It is vital to our civil defense.

We spend hundreds of billions of dollars annually on national defense but should be spending a lot of that money to protect our power infrastructure. That would include pipelines, transmission lines, power stations, financial centers, stock exchanges, electronic records, communication systems, etc. 

Many books have been written about just how cataclysmic such an attack would be on any advanced industrial nation. 

Do any of our contributors have knowledge about concerns within the energy industries and actions being taken?




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EMP aren't that easy to produce over a wide area, inverse square law and all that. Maybe a few nukes high up, but you are going to be looking at a full on attack back. Localised EMP is possible even I have a fair idea how to make one, although I don't have a clue to using the fast detonating explosives required. Had this conversation with a "security expert" that advised a few financial companies in London, he thought it was impossible. I showed him how relatively easy it was to do, hopefully he recommended some shielding around the computers, it's not that expensive to do.

But it's a natural solar event that is the real danger, that could screw countries.   

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