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Trudeau thinks his carbon tax will avoid Macron’s fate. Because of magical "REBATES".

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Any ideas for a prospective Canadian version of France's Yellow Vest Protests? 

Perhaps meeting up at the local Tim Hortons for a Double Double coffee and and a cheese sandwich, and firmly requesting en mass for Trudeau to apologize?  

(I'm sorry for that.)

Oh, and everybody should stop exercising because it contributes to CO2 pollution and  ZOMG  EVERONE  WILL  DIE  ELEVENTY  ! ! !

I blame Russia.  No wait, that's the old bogeman.  The new bogeyman is  CHINA !  ZOMG  CHINA  HACKERS  TWELVETY  ! ! ! ! ! !

Aaaaaaaanyway, back to our story of the Great White North Carbon Tax Rebates to Keep Oil in the Ground....

William Watson: Trudeau thinks his carbon tax will avoid Macron’s fate. Let’s see

The yellow vest protests in France that started over a fuel surcharge designed to get the country to its Paris-accord carbon-reduction targets have evolved to make Paris itself a literal target for any and all violence-prone opponents of capitalism, globalization, Donald Trump and so on. But carbon taxes were the spark.  

... France’s troubles have galvanized one aspect of Ottawa’s carbon policy. Asked about Macron, Trudeau said in his interview: “He didn’t ensure the second part of it: you put a price on pollution ’cause we want less pollution. But you also make sure that ordinary Canadians are going to be able to afford this transition towards a lower-carbon economy.”

To which Barton asks: “So it’s the rebate that makes the difference?”

Trudeau: “The rebate, the support for families, because people are worried about the future, they are worried about climate change, they’re also worried about their kids’ jobs and their own retirement. Making sure that we are supporting families through this transition time is a fundamental responsibility for every government. That’s at the core of our approach …”

Trudeau uses the word “pollution” 15 times in his brief discussion of climate, which suggests he’s gearing up for a Great Canadian Pollution Election next fall. By contrast, most ordinary folk would have trouble with the notion that something the average human produces 2.3 pounds of per day just by breathing out — and up to eight times more than that if, like Mr. Trudeau, you’re very active — is “pollution.”

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