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Cambridge Academic Jailed Over £2.8m Green Energy Scam

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Cambridge academic caught on plane with £100,000 in a box of chocolates jailed over £2.8m green energy scam

A Cambridge academic who stole £1m from a government green-energy project has been jailed for four years.

Dr Ehsan Abdi-Jalebi, 37, was stopped by Border Force officers at Heathrow with £100,000 in cash in a Thorntons Continental chocolate box as he boarded a flight to Tehran in May 2016.

The discovery prompted an investigation by the National Crime Agency, which found he had used fake documents to siphon off money into his own accounts from funding allocated to the development of renewable energy projects.

He had used the funds to develop a property in Iran worth £900,000 and to lease a Maserati sports car as well as a property in Cambridge. ...

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Nothing to see here... just plans to investigate and prosecute opponents of the progressive  "Climate Change" agenda.

Seriously, is it soon going to be against the law to question this whole "climate change" dogma?  This sure as heck is not science, this is nuts:

DC Think Tank Sues for Records on Bloomberg-Linked Climate Change Scheme

The Competitive Enterprise Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based think tank, is suing the District of Columbia and the D.C. Attorney General’s Office for failing to produce legally requested documents under seven different Freedom of Information Act requests.

The requests date back to Oct. 2016, and relate to D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine’s participation in a 2016 scheme to investigate and prosecute opponents of progressive climate change policies.

... FOIA requests across multiple states previously revealed details of a coordinated plan to fund legal experts through a Bloomberg-financed New York University program, and place them within the highest law enforcement offices in compliant states.

“Public records obtained by CEI and other groups detail how the Bloomberg-funded scheme allows activist donors to pay to place prosecutors in attorneys general offices to ‘advanc[e] progressive clean energy, climate change, and environmental legal positions’ after failing to gain approval through the proper, democratic process,” said CEI senior fellow Chris Horner on Dec. 18.

The Bloomberg project was exposed in an August CEI report called “Law Enforcement for Rent: How Special Interests Fund Climate Policy through State Attorneys General.”

... Based on documents obtained over a two-and-a-half year period, CEI researchers were able to show that a plan to wield state prosecutorial power against select climate change targets was first implemented in 2012 when elite climate activists sought “a single sympathetic attorney general” to prosecute their agenda.

Soon, attorneys general began subpoenaing private parties in service to a campaign of aggressive climate litigation, the report states. The informal coalition eventually disbanded due to media pressure and public scrutiny stemming from CEI-obtained government records.


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And yet we're told we should have no skepticism.  That we should just shut up, join up, take up the clarion call and pay the money to convert now, before it's too late!  Not only that but we should become advocates to their causes.  I remain skeptical.  Now we will be told about one bad apple, and how it does not spoil the whole barrel.

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