Face-off Venezuela EXXON over Guyana

Just a few days ago, according to local and international news outlets, a ship of venezuelan navy had a face off with an exploration ship belonging to EXXON off Guyana waters, which added more fuel to the ongoing tensions between both countries now that Guyana has been the best performing nation with the largest oil reserves discovered in 2018 and with even better outlooks for 2019 and beyond, prompted this by the help of companies like EXXON and AMERADA and also ANADARKO.

And also this happens at a time when Guyana current government failed to pass a no confidence vote which might give way for a new populist government which might be a reason for Venezuela to try to exploit anti EXXON sentiments in the country at least to gain some time just days ahead of Maduro new term and with the waning away of PETROCARIBE now that the U.S. has been projecting itself as the next supplier of oil and gas to the Caribbean. It will be interesting to watch in the coming days and weeks how this will unfold and how it can impact Venezuela now that Maduro has bee being strangled on all borders of Venezuela in order to push for a change of the political system and his regime in a moment with a deteriorating oil industry and rumours of a new oil minister and president of PDVSA coming on. 

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