Too Many Vested Interests Against Peace With Russia

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13 hours ago, ronwagn said:

uuhhh......... Not sure if I understood correctly that the message from the article is:" We should engage in hostility with every power house of the world....... "??

There is a movie "the Sum of All Fear" led by Morgan Freeman and Ben Affleck.......... in the movie an european said:"Hitler was stupid. He tried to fight Russia and United States on his own. He should make them fight against each other." To understand how wars could be provoked this movie is highly recommended........ 

While we are greatly entertained as sideliners on how the world is unfolded ........... let's try to be cautious not to be cheerleaders for the wrong side and for the wrong reasons.......... or shall we not??

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I don't know of any coup, Trump needs to be clean about his complicated relationships, and the world is happy to wait him out, six more years. 

Russia isn't a fundamental threat, just massive, broke, and major nuke. China, yeah, a fundamental threat. But there won't be a shooting war with China either. Better for us to focus on economics and technology, cyber war, and alliances, then spending another trillion for the military for high end military hardware. We can already easily win battles, but that won't advance our fundamental challenge. China has plenty of challenges, and the nature of their system also works against them on some levels. Have confidence that our system works better. And if it doesn't, well then, so be it. Battleship diplomacy won't beat China. The Opium Wars are so 19th century.

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