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Amazon & Walmart: Retailers Forced to Fly Foreign Flags!

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I'm a patriotic free-market capitalist and believe in redemption, how about you?

Proposed New Law: All brick-and-mortar (BnM) retailers MUST fly the national flag of any country that creates 51% of products or revenues. For example; A BnM selling 51% or more Chinese made products must fly Chinese flags throughout the store. Similarly, an online retailer in the same position must post foreign flags on their website and shipping materials, including exterior packaging. 

While shopping in an American Walmart Supercenter take a moment to verify the "Made In ...." tags. Then, do the same thing upon receiving the next Amazon order. When researching your next car purchase, verify the location of manufacture and assembly. American Truth in Advertising Laws require these labels, so it this isn't something new or suddenly nationalistic; it is simply pointing out the origin of the products. 

Recently, at Walmart, I noticed many very large American flags strategically placed over the cash registers and other isles. In fact, there were many American flags on sale at end-caps. American flag T-shirts, swimsuits, hats/caps, towels, kitchenware, and even underwear were prominently on sale. I love America, the flag, and patriotism; I've even served the nation. So, when I see the American flag, I want to purchase the products, out of patriotism. Walmart is banking on my patriotism but also assumes I'm a dolt!

Amazon is amazing! As a Prime Member, I'm able to binge-watch Hollywood, Bollywood, heck, any genre, and language movie or series conceivable to "humankind." Americans recently broke major retail online sales records and enjoy Amazon's free shipping; the USPS delivers the products at a loss. President Trump believes like many do, that USPS union and management cost allocation arguments are debatable, so I'll leave it at that. The American government subsidizing Jeff Bezos, the world's richest man (besides Putin), is infuriating. Amazon brutally negotiates new fulfillment facility sites; wherein, they are able to gain tax breaks, employ prison labor, and receive government grants for retraining and healthcare. Is Bezos really doing us a favor, seems maybe not?

Auto manufacturers must place a flag on the front and rear of their foreign products. 

Why? Reciprocal Fair Trade! 

Americans rely far too much on the U.S. Dollar (USD) for their lifestyles. Easy money, zero interest rates, tax cuts, deficit spending, and other monetary and fiscal policies are deluding the American public. I believe that Americans would look at the world differently if they entered a mall and store wherein the store was filled with Chinese flags. Or, when stopped at a light, the drivers were forced to view a foreign flag. 

According to the Alliance for American Manufacturing,

                   "Walmart China 'firmly believes' in local sourcing with over 95 percent of their merchandise coming from local sources (Chinese producers). In America, estimates say that Chinese suppliers make up 70-80 percent of Walmart's merchandise, leaving less than 20 percent for American-made products."

While shopping Walmart China, I am frustrated that almost nothing is made in America. In fact, when taking gifts to China from America, it is almost impossible to buy something not made in China! I buy many Chinese made items in America at a much lower cost than the item costs in China! Taking the items "home" on the plane, where I've lived and the items are made seems odd, but the America government allows the current uneven system to exist. 

If Americans realized the massive "official" trade imbalance implications, they might rethink purchasing products from retailers who want to fool them into believing something that is simply not true. Trading foreign made products with borrowed money does not create value for America and is not patriotic. 

After enacting my new law, your local mall would look like Chinatown. Hopefully, Americans would realize that they really don't live in America, they live in...the nation they patronize. With balanced reciprocal trade, both nations receive the benefits of absolute and comparative advantage. Otherwise, America is transferring "borrowed wealth" to tyrannical states that ultimately intend on using that value to annihilate Western Civilization and Democracy.   

Now, imagine your hometown after the foreign flag law.

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