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Chinese IP Theft Making Buffet-Gates-Musk as Obsolete as 'Flip Phones'

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Willfully Gullible? Greedy? Naive? Entrepreneurial? Or, just too trusting of China's communists? 

What can one say of the "Oracles" of America's Free-Enterprise system? 

Buffet, Gates, and Musk have substantial investments in China; however, have they been duped? (See Buffet's woes).

This article "China’s car companies have no shame copying foreign designs" illustrates how willful ignorance enables China's communist government. Inside BYD—the world’s largest maker of electric vehicles demonstrates how China "walls" itself off from the rest of the world, shielding the truth of its IP theft while growing its domestic industries. 

Yet, Buffet is one of the largest benefactors of China's IP theft as well.  Buffet has Made a Killing off Chinese EV Maker BYD. And, he plans to bring that success to America, "Behind the scenes at BYD’s electric-vehicle factories in Shenzhen and California." It is just a matter of time before America's "Oracles" outsmart themselves. Quantitative Easing, low-interest rates, tax heavens, family charitable foundations, and other loopholes will not save the hypocritical from their self-inflicted demise. 

Gates and Buffet became oil tycoons from their purchases of the Canadian Railroads (Gates)(Buffet), even though each hypocritically supports Climate Change and EV production.   Some characterize Musk as the world's largest corporate welfare recipient (Space-X, Boring Co., Tesla...). So, in a sense, each is comfortable "playing" the "system," the economic system. Barack Obama and other liberals enrich themselves with Climate Change schemes, playing right into the greater goals of the Chinese Dream and Xi’s agenda.    

President Xi recently demanded that the "developed world" pay for Climate Change. China, even though it just landed on the far side of the moon and created its own GPS satellite system to compete with America's, does not consider itself a developed nation. Maybe after achieving the Made in China 2025 campaign when they plan to dominate the globe, President Xi will stop lying about China's status. Then again, LDC status of a dystopian global society bereft of freedom may be fitting for what is to come.  

America never intends to repay the debt it incumbers, there, I said it! 

How could any nation ever pay the enormous debt and unfunded liabilities America owes? Search your soul and you know I am correct!

Go to the mall and ask people at random, "How do you intend to pay your $215,911, or $854,907 per family of debt?" (see this) I think you know the answer to that question. A young person today might question why they would have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans for a job that will then require them to pay for previous generations of debt. 

The debt and unfunded liabilities continue to grow at what should be an alarming rate (see this), yet, Americans recently elected a House full of Democrats. There is a desire to continue to print and spend USDs until the world is at war or America in a revolution.  

Musk seems as willing as any other American to continue down the rabbit hole with the new Gigafactory in China. 

Is anyone else thinking America has gone mad?

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