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Yellow vests not welcome at Canadian Regina oil and gas rally

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Interesting.  The Canadian Oil & Gas rally has a specific message, which they don't want lumped in with the Yellow Vest protests.

Yellow vests not welcome at Regina oil and gas rally


Pro-energy activists behind a planned cross-country convoy are preparing to rally in Regina on Tuesday, and they don’t want yellow vests muddying up their message.

Canada Action is to hold a rally to support the energy, mining and agriculture sectors in front of the Legislative Building starting at 11:45 a.m. Premier Scott Moe is set to speak.

Cody Battershill, the group’s founder, said their message is based on “positivity, respect and inclusiveness.” That’s why he’s apprehensive about the “extreme” views expressed by some yellow vest protesters. If they want to come Tuesday, they should leave their vests at home.

“Wear your hard hats, wear your work coveralls, but please don’t wear the yellow vests, because that’s not what our movement’s about,” said Battershill.

He said he doesn’t want the issues his group focuses on — resource development, the carbon tax, pipeline politics — to get “distracted or confused by some protest movement from France.” ...

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good for them, from what I've read the yellowdummies have no central message and promote hate, racism and violence which does nothing for the rallies for energy in Canada! Keep being civil and rally all the way to Trudeau's doorstep!! Put those people back to work!!

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Unfortunately, the rule of law is irrelevant in America. President Trump will take unilateral emergency powers to enforce what all know are violations of the law, illegal immigration. Sanctuary states and cities obfuscate and deny the enforcement of Federal law. California, among other states, allows marijuana sales, which are against Federal Law. Usually, the conservative party is the so-called, "Law and Order Party," which means that a California conservative is on the wrong side of justice. 

Mediation and Arbitration is a multi-billion dollar business in California, as parties in marijuana drug disputes try to resolve conflict out of court; they don't want to go to jail by claiming they made millions in profits. Bitcoin is alive and well in the illegal California drug industry. 

Environmental laws are about to go on steroids, as the new governor forces companies to renewable energy and establishes increasingly more costly carbon credits. 

America is in a dangerous place. Civility does not exist. 

What is happening with Trump's Oval Office Address is an attempt around the law using "Emergency Powers." 

I agree with you that no one should take the law into their own hands, but, when the judiciary, law enforcement, and politicians refuse to uphold the law, anarchy is what remains. 

Anarchy = California 

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