China's "Informal Boycott" of American Goods; Pretending an Agreement is all Good!

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Found this interesting and in support of my earlier posts. After living and working in China for years, I have a much better than average understanding of Chinese culture and politics. Most Americans lack the understanding of what it is like when consumers, SOEs, and authoritative regimes direct (formally and informally) a command and control economy. Chinese consumers are frugal, fickle, turn-on-a-dime, and observe nationalistic directives. Americans are individualists and very independent, although, the new generations are eager to accept Socialism in lieu of their freedom. 

The Social Credit System in China is one example of how the State directs behavior. Totalitarian power is silent but effective and potentially deadly. 


Americans and the world are "pretending" a trade agreement will work. It will not. 


Its no accident that Rocketman is in China, Taiwan is being threatened, the South China Sea is being claimed, and IP theft will never change. Totalitarian governments don't surrender; their very foundation is based on repression and the theft of life, liberty, property, and freedom. 

 The stated goal of China is to dominate the world by 2025. Any deluded thinking that they will change their mind is simply capitulation and suicidal. Unfortunately, the cost of America's past excess will be measured in billions of lives lost. As the world loses dollar liquidity and economic freedoms, unrest will ensue. In China, the toothpaste cannot be put back into the tube, so if the economy there continues its decline, you will see a revolt and possibly revolution. The problem could be a stronger push toward communism rather than democracy and freedom. 

The world should be very concerned and cautious in that it might get any new trade agreement that is not worth the paper it is written on.   

Recall that China has been through many revolutions, so they are unafraid. Unlike America, which has yet to complete a revolt. Chinese dynasties are history because they happened and are not just part of a fiction. 

Hold on to your hat! 

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