Tesla Halts Low-Price American EV Production After China Groundbreaking: Disaster Ahead?


I thought this was very interesting. Are there intractable U.S. production problems that can only be cured utilizing China's communist system and socialist coerced labor market?  

Tesla to halt low-end Model production in lieu of higher price Model S and Model X vehicles, $94k and $97k respectively, which are beyond most American family budgets.

The continuation of American Model 3 production is for the higher priced model at $67k, with bells and whistles, but can be as much as $78k at the high end. The Model 3 was supposed to be a $35k "affordable" version of Tesla's technological green vehicle. 

Musk Tweet Ending Production Monday 9 Jan. 2019

Tesla to stop selling the lowest-priced versions of its Model S and X vehicles on Monday, Elon Musk tweets

With so many Chinese EVs priced at a fraction of Tesla's, incitive expiration, rebate elimination, a major Chinese economic decline, and plant over-capacity, it will be interesting to see how will play out.  


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