Xie Xie Leader Musk: Hurry Home & Get More Money!

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The day after the Shanghai Gigafactory groundbreaking, Musk halts American production of low-end Teslas! Tesla will now make the autos in China.

Mark Zuckerberg, whose wife is of Chinese ancestry, has at least a valid reason to name their daughter Chen Mingyu. But, Musk is determined to show he is thinking of his Chinese future by surrendering technology and bequeathing $5 billion in shareholder value.   

Musk is apparently unaware of how foolish he appears at the ground-breaking ceremony outside Shanghai, located outside the Special Economic Zone, which establishes Gigafactory 3 as a domestic producer. The Communists are not forcing Tesla partnership, because they may feel Tesla cannot compete with SEOs and the brutal lawless nature of the Chinese manufacturing landscape. There are many non-tariff, regulatory, and cultural variables that will sink Musk.  

Eventually, Musk will travel in a Communist Party member's car to the airport for the last time. Hopefully, he'll leave China with his suitcase. Gigafactory 3 will look like ants had eaten away at a carcass. When that day comes and as Musk exits the car for the final trip home from China, he will hear a familiar sound; a sound that he heard on his first trip to the Middle Kingdom, "Next!" Musk's driver will yell in his best English, "Next," because the driver is on a roundtrip IFDI bonanza at the Pudong Airport. Musk may even get a glimpse of another pudgy giddy old white western billionaire arriving, ready to "make a fortune" in the Middle Kingdom.  

So sad, yet, hilarious as well. Too bad so many "borrowed American taxpayer dollars" have to be created to fund this farce. 

 See this great article about the coming collapse of the EV bubble.
Or, this one, where Musk states that the next Tesla SOE CEO will be Chinese



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