Gas change of tenancy indicator (UNC)

Hi guys,

I'm ever so sorry if this is in the wrong section, please do move it if it's wrong but I wasn't sure which category this would fit in.

In electricity and gas (in the UK) there is a CoT flag, so if there is a commercial change of tenancy and the CoT flag is set to TRUE, then the incumbent supplier is prevented from placing ANY objection.  I have found the Ofgem rules for the electricity with no problem.

However, the specific clauses in the Uniform Network Code for the equivalent rules in gas I cannot find.  I have the attached, but I cannot track down the exact place in the UNC (that governs the actions of UK gas suppliers (The MRA is the electricity equivalent))

I know this is a long shot but please can anyone help?  I'm being shunted around by Ofgem, the UNC and the SPAA respectively.


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