Sanctions: Venezuelan Oil Assets Protected


Amazing turn of events! 

Oil for Freedom!

The U.S. places sanctions on Venezuela, protecting the oil and other recourses for the people. It appears it is only a matter of time before Maduro and his cronies are out. The sanctions will cause the collection of oil payments to be placed in "protected" and "blocked" accounts. The revenues will not be released to Maduro or his regime. President Guiado will have control over the assets once released to the new government. 

There are as many as 30,000 Cuban troops and secret police that will need to be removed from the country, most likely by force. 

America and the western world are doing the right thing and backing the Venezuelan people, while China, Russia, Cuba, Mexico are backing Maduro. It sounds like Maduro has a few places to flee into exile. Mexico should be concerned that they will endanger their relationship with the U.S. 

Western Civilization must set the path and tone of Freedom, Liberty, Democracy, and the Rule of Law.

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